Job titleName分機Mail代理人Responsibilities
組長Chen, Hua- Sheng25605Email1.陳怡玲 2.蕭淳文Supervising the whole business of Purchase Section
組員Chen,Yi-Ling25601Email1.蕭淳文 2.陳玉萍1.Purchasing of service employment
2.Purchasing of Graphic related products, Library products, Publications, etc.
組員Hsiao,Chun-Wen25603Email1.陳玉萍 2.陳怡玲1.Purchasing of Laboratory and Computer equipment, enhancements and software, etc.
2.Preference Procurement for the disabilities
Green Procurement
辦事員25605Email1.陳怡玲 2.蕭淳文 
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