Office of General Affairs


Office of General Affairs—the division that serves the entire faculty and students.
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Address: No.1727, Sec.4, Taiwan Boulevard, Xitun District, Taichung 40704, Taiwan R.O.C.
TEL: 04-23590121 Ext. 25000
FAX: 04-23594629
e-mail: general@thu.edu.tw
Staffed with over 65 personnel, Office of General Affairs has been established to provide a safe and excellent teaching and living environment to all the teaching staff and students. The following services are provided by each of the seven sections: Director’s Office, Business Office, Property Management Section, Cashiers Section, Construction and Maintenance Section, Environmental Security Section, Traffic Control Security Section and Purchasing Section comprise General Affairs Division.
Office of The Dean General Affairs posting concurrently by a professor or an associate professor to take control of the overall affairs.
Business Section in charge of decoration of various gatherings sites; meals Preparation; dispatch of school buses; procurement of Properties; issuing of entrance pass of cars and motorcycles; and general affairs.  
Property Management Section management of school property; dormitory data management; management of repairing materials; receiving and sending of official parcels; issuing and receiving of caps and gowns; dealing with insurance policy.
Cashier’s Section receiving and payment, transference, deposit, listing and editing of statement of various expenditures, notes, negotiable securities; collecting and submitting of registration and related fees.
Construction and Maintenance Section construction projects of new building, building expansion, remodel and repair; middle and small repair construction work; temporary repair (brick and cement work, carpentry, iron and aluminum work, painting etc.); campus planning; file management of construction blueprints; supply and maintenance of water and electricity;  maintenance of fire-fighting equipment; arrangement and loan of construction blueprints.
Environmental Security Section management of environmental business; waste disposal; treatment of liquid waste; recycling affairs, campus maintenance,drinking procurement and maintenance, ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems affairs.
Traffic Control Security Section control of entrance guarding; lookout duty dispatch; mobile patrolling; campus traffic maintenance and control; checking and arresting of vehicles against traffic regulations; supporting duty of campus activities; handling of special events and emergence (fire, burglary, wild dogs, traffic accidence, natural disasters, snake, wasp and hornet capturing etc.) dogs management.
Purchasing Section For school property, engineering, labor, equipment, books, journals and other procurement-related matters.

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